In the menu bar of your Eversports manager you will find the menu item "Market". Here you can add extensions to your package and get to know our partner deals.


Possible extensions that you can choose are, for example, the Payroll, the DATEV module, interfaces to aggregators such as Classpass or the SEPA module.

If you want to book an extension, first click on "learn more".

You will now receive a summary of the most important aspects of this expansion and can proceed to the next step.

Now all information about the payment and a possible test phase (for DATEV, Classpass and the Payroll) are summarized. Scroll down once in the window. After you have ticked the box and have noticed that your monthly bill increases by the respective amount, click on "confirm".

You have now successfully activated the extension and you will now find a brief guide with the relevant points that you should note for the respective extension.

Special offers

Under the tab "Special offers" you will find various partner deals from which you can benefit.

If you want to take advantage of a special offer, select the respective offer by clicking on "learn more".

You will now find more information about the selected partner and the associated offer.

If you click on "Claim Special Offer" you will receive the discount code and can go directly to the partner's website.

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