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Create a SEPA mandate (auto-SEPA)
Create a SEPA mandate (auto-SEPA)

Add and confirm SEPA mandate for memberships with SEPA direct debit

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Do you want to create a membership with the payment method SEPA direct debit?

If so, you first need to create a SEPA mandate.

1) Creating a SEPA mandate

What is a SEPA mandate?
To be able to collect the payment for memberships with a SEPA direct debit, you need a verified SEPA mandate. The SEPA mandate stores the name of the account holder, the bank account and the customer's authorization for the direct debit.

Creating a SEPA mandate
You can create a SEPA mandate in the customer profile via Details > SEPA mandate.

NOTE: If the customer purchases the membership online, the SEPA mandate is automatically created online.

2) Verify SEPA mandate

As long as the SEPA mandate has not been verified, no direct debit can take place. It is therefore important that you send a verification request:

  • Immediately send an email to the client asking them to verify the mandate and authorize the direct debit.

  • It is also possible to verify the mandate afterwards. To do this, go to the customer account and go to the Detail tab > SEPA mandate and click on the three bullets and then on verify SEPA mandate.

    You can send a verification email to the customer or, if it is a customer who has already given permission, you can manually verify the mandate.

NOTE: You can already plan SEPA payments before the verification is completed. Eversports Manager will pause all payments until the SEPA mandate is validated.

3) Overview invoices with auto-SEPA

In the menu Financials > Recurring Payments you can keep an eye on the payments of the ongoing memberships with auto-SEPA.

  • Per month it is indicated how many payments there are, what total amount they represent and what amount is still open for that month.

  • You can look at the planned membership deductions for the upcoming months.

  • In addition, there is a separate tab with payments that require an action. Here the failed SEPA transactions are shown together with the reasons for the impossible payment (i.e. SEPA mandate not verified).

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