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Most frequently asked questions on online payments (setup, fees, chargebacks, cancellation)

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1) Setup online payments

  • Is it time-consuming to set up online payment for my customers?

No, it is quick and easy with just a few clicks. All you need to do is verify your wallet in your Eversports Manager. You can find the instructions here. Once your wallet is verified, your customers can easily and conveniently pay online on your website or the app. All payment methods offered in your country are immediately available.

  • What does "Wallet" mean?

The "Wallet" is a personal account that you create in the Eversports Manager. All your online transactions go directly to this account. It does not matter with which online payment method your customers pay. All cancellations (cancelled invoices) will be refunded directly from this central account to your customers. The amount on the wallet will be paid to your bank account according to your payout frequency (weekly or monthly).

  • Do I need my own Paypal account to offer Paypal to my customers?

No, this is exactly the advantage with Eversports Manager. As soon as you have activated your wallet, your customers can pay online with all payment methods offered in your country directly on your website. No matter which payment method your customer uses, you get your money directly to your central wallet. Depending on market developments, the payment methods offered are constantly being expanded. So you are always keeping up with the online changes.

  • I have a very small studio, does online payment still make sense?

Yes, absolutely. The offer of a small studio looks much more professional if the products are available online. With online payments, a small studio without staff at the counter can be administratively as well-equipped as larger studios.

2) Transaction Fees and Payouts

  • When will the revenue of my online payments be paid out to my bank account?

Depending on your payout settings, turnovers from online payments are always paid once per month or once per week.
If you have a monthly payout, the payout takes place between the 26th and the last day of the month. We make sure your money is in your bank account at the beginning of the next calendar month so you can pay all your monthly bills on time.

  • What are the fees for online payment?

You can find the fee on your Eversports contract that you signed at the beginning. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support.

  • Why does Eversports charge transaction fees?

Eversports works with an external payment provider. The resulting costs will be charged to your studio. Eversports charges a small surcharge for the central processing of all transactions. This also includes the services whereby your customers get their money refunded directly in case of cancellations and helping your customers quickly in case of queries.

  • Do online payments make sense for my studio despite the transaction fee?

At the end of the day, it's up to each studio to decide. More than 80% of our customers see a clear added value in online payment and use this feature very actively.

Here's a simple example calculation: if an employee purchases on the spot, it costs the employee (including possible customer inquiries, invoicing and potential input errors) at least 10 minutes. If you assume that the personnel cost (incl. additional wage costs) amounts to approx. 18 EUR/hour, then the overall costs will increase by approx. 3 EUR with an onsite sale. With online payments, the sale process is handled automatically online.
In addition, you can generate more revenue by paying online, because your customers can buy tickets outside opening hours.

  • Can I see in Eversports Manager how much money is on my wallet?

Transparency is very important in Eversports Manager. You will find a separate menu item for your wallet in your Eversports Manager (menu Billing).
There you can see the current account balance at any time. You will also find the tab Fees with individual transactions and all fees listed transparently.

3) Cancellations

  • What happens if a customer cancels an invoice paid online?

If a customer cancels a booking done with a single ticket via your website or via the Eversports app, then the invoice is also cancelled in the Manager and the customer is automatically refunded the money via the same payment method. So if the customer originally paid by credit card, they will also get their money refunded back to their credit card. You have no manual effort.
Online cancellations are of course only allowed within the cancellation periods you have set. In case of "no-shows" you have the advantage that you will still receive the money.

In case of cancellations of participations with Service (blockcards/timecards) or Memberships the invoice will not be cancelled automatically but the booking credit will be returned to the product of the customer.

  • Can I cancel an online paid invoice onsite in the studio?

Yes, you can cancel online paid invoices up to 3 months after invoice creation in the invoice overview of your Eversports Manager (menu Finance). Upon cancellation, the amount paid online will be refunded directly to the customer. The customer will receive the money back via the same payment method they used to pay.

  • Is there a transaction fee for cancellations?

No, there is no additional fee for cancellations. On the contrary, all transaction fees already charged will be refunded. So you do not incur any costs due to cancellations.

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