Your Eversports Manager has learned new skills again! With today's update, you will get exciting updates on memberships. In addition, there are nice improvements in customer management and invoice overview.

Here you find all the details:

1) Improved and smarter memberships

December is the month of vouchers. January is the month of memberships. Especially at the beginning of the year everybody has "New Year's resolutions" to be more active. This is why studios sell 36% of their memberships in the month January.

Memberships lead to a closer bond with your customers and also ensure a stable & steady revenue stream throughout the year. This is especially valuable in times where there are less visits (e.g. Christmas or in the summer months).

We want to support you and your studio to make the most out of memberships in the upcoming January. This is why we did the following improvements:

a) Special promotion of membership with online bookings

When a customer does the first booking with your studio, we promote your "introductory offers" (currently only on iOS app). This increases conversion of your fist-time visitors. If a customer already has been at your studio in the past, we promote memberships and highlight them within the online purchase experience of your customers. Your chances of selling memberships online will be increased significantly.

For information: In order for a product to be displayed as a "introductory offer", you must set the right option in your product settings ("special type" ).

b) Easy entry of rest periods for memberships

Entering periods of rest for your memberships became a lot easier in your Eversports Manager. You can now chose the option "CHECK TRANSLATIONS". Then you can easily change the invoice amount of future invoices. This way you can decide that your customers pay less in periods of rest.

If there are already bookings within the period of rest, you can decide if those bookings should stay, be cancelled or be changed to "open visits".

c) Clear overview of memberships in customer profile

In the customer profile, you now have a clear overview of running memberships. Also rules for limited participations per week/month are shown now.

d) Verify open SEPA mandates in the sign-in (autoSEPA)

If one of your customers has an unverified SEPA mandate (e.g. he bought a membership online with SEPA), you can now verify that mandate straight from the sign-in. There is a new icon which warns you about unverified mandates. If you click on it you get a pop-up where you can verify the mandate with one click. You should only verify mandates where you have checked the ID and IBAN of that customer.

2) New filter options for your customer management

In your customer management you now find exciting new filter options. You can filter for customers that participated at a certain activity in the past. Or you can filter by groups, teachers, roles or newsletter subscriptions.

You can also export filtered lists to a csv file. If you upload the exported list to your newsletter tool, you can start doing more targeted campaigns.

3) Information about sent billing emails

You want to know if you have already sent an invoice to one of your customers via email? From now on your Eversports Manager will show you this information directly in the invoice overview. 

If you open the detail view of an invoice, you also see when the invoice has been sent.

4) Improvements and fixed bugs

a) In the confirmation emails after a booking, the house number of the address was missing. This is why the customer often only new the street but not the exact address. This is fixed now.

b) If you updated a product of a past visit in the customer profile, the system jumped to another page. This is fixed now, so that you can continue to update that customer.

c) We adjusted the display of the validity of block- and timecards. This way it will be easier for you to understand.

d) We did many small improvements and bug fixes in the area of memberships (incl. automatic SEPA). This has been done in addition to all the points mentions in the first part.

5) General update for support times over Christmas

We will offer support on all working day between Christmas and New Years. But due to many team-members being on holiday, we will only offer english support in that period. We ask for your understanding.

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