Where do I find my products and bookings?
check all info over active products and view your past and future booking
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In your Eversports account you can keep track of the bookings you made and check any time the status of your active products.

In order to do so, log in on the Eversports website (eversports.com) or via the app.
By clicking on your name on the top right corner, you can view the menu items Bookings and Passes & Memberships.

My Bookings

In the menu item Bookings, you find an overview of all upcoming and past bookings.
For each booking you can view all relevant information, such as activity name, time, location, studio name and the product that was used to participate.

Here you can also cancel your future bookings, if the cancellation conditions allow it.

My Passes & Memberships

In the menu item Passes & Memberships, you find an overview of all active products and memberships.
You can also view all relevant information, such as the number of remaining credits, the payment status (open or paid) and the duration.

NOTE - If you have a running membership paid with credit card, you can change the credit card number here. Next to the membership name click on 'View' and then on 'Edit Payment Methods'.

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