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Recurring registrations
Recurring registrations

Sign in a customers for a series of classes

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When a client is following the same activity with you every week, you can sign them up for this activity several weeks in advance. This assures the client of a spot and the client does not have to sign up for the activity every week.

1) How do I create a recurring registration?

Go to the Sign In of the activity and add the client.

Click on the three dots behind the client and click on "Recurring Registration".

In the pop-up, indicate whether the registration should be repeated weekly or every other week.

Specify the date the registration should repeat to or choose the number of times the registration should repeat.

Next you see a preview of all the dates. You can use the checkboxes to exclude dates for which the customer should not be registered.

IMPORTANT: Credits are deducted immediately when booking the class, not at the time the class takes place.

So make sure the client has enough credits (or strips) for the entire period of recurring registration.

2) How do I sign the customer out of recurring registrations?

This works the same as making recurring registrations.

Go to the Sign In of the relevant activity and click on the three dots behind the client > 'Unsubscribe'.

The pop-up will indicate all the dates that the customer is signed up for this activity. With the checkboxes you can indicate for which dates the customer has to be unsubscribed

If necessary, indicate whether it is a late cancellation and payment must be made. This is usually only the case for a cancellation for a registration on the day itself.

Click on the red button 'Unsubscribe from selected appointments'.

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