smileCash can transfer orders to a dispensing system (both orders and cancellations). In order for this to work technically, the dispensing system must "understand" the E-protocol and be connected to a computer in your network via a serial interface (COM XX).

Establishing a connection between the computer and the dispensing system
smileCash and the dispensing system communicate via the serial interface. After the connection, your IT-man can tell you at which interface the connection was made.

Configuration of the transfer software

To set up the transfer software that transmits the orders and cancellations from smileCash to the dispensing system, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the computer connected to the dispensing system via the serial interface. This computer should also be able to run smileCash.
  2. Create on the desktop a link to the program "c:\tmsdaten\schankomat.exe" and give it the name "smile-Schankanlage".
  3. Use the key combination "Windows key" + R to run a Windows program. Enter "shell:startup" there.
  4. The Windows autostart group opens.
  5. Copy the link created under 2. into it here.
  6. Start "smile dispensing system".
  7. After the start, the icon of the program is located in the icon tray at the lower right edge of the screen. The icon is a beer mug.
  8. Double click on the icon. The transfer program is now displayed.
  9. Select the COM interface to which the dispensing system is connected to the computer.
  10. Exit the transfer program and restart it. The status bar now says "nothing to do".

Set article in smileCash for transfer

To configure articles for smileCash in such a way that the register or cancellation is transferred to the dispensing system, you do as follows.

  1. Call up the article management of smileCash
  2. Double click on the desired article
  3. In the input field "Schankomat" you enter the number of the article which is programmed for this on the dispensing system. In case of emergency the manufacturer or the service of your dispensing system can name it.
  4. ready!
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