Whether at Christmas, birthdays, Mother's Day or any other time of the year, people are looking for beautiful gift ideas for their loved ones. And what could be better than giving someone a coupon to get involved in a great place like your studio?

In your Eversports Manager you have this option: You can create vouchers in addition to products and articles. As many people today prefer to buy online, your vouchers can be personalized and purchased by your customers directly online. This gives them the opportunity to offer their loved ones a great, original gift.

For those people who prefer to buy a voucher directly in your studio, you can also generate a voucher code on site. The sales process is as simple as possible. If your customers buy a voucher in your studio, you can also offer them a nice envelope with a branded ribbon - most people love it.

So that your customers know that there is the possibility to buy a voucher in your studio, you can use different channels: In addition to your newsletter and social media, you can integrate the vouchers on your homepage or advertise them in your studio.

To make the voucher function as easy as possible for you, have a look at our detailed articles on each topic:

  1. Define presets in your master data correcty
  2. Create a voucher in the Eversports Manager
  3. Deposit your own voucher picture, so that the customer has a motive selection
  4. Integrate the voucher online, so that it can be purchased online
  5. Sell a voucher on site
  6. How to redeem a voucher
  7. Information about all sold vouchers in your voucher journal
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