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Whether at Christmas, birthdays, Mother's Day or any other time of the year, people are looking for beautiful gift ideas for their loved ones. And what could be better than giving someone a voucher to get them involved in a great place like your studio?

That is why with Eversports Manager you can create your own vouchers.
As many people today prefer to buy online, your vouchers can be personalized and purchased by your customers directly online. This gives them the opportunity to offer their loved ones a great, original gift.

Follow these steps to set up and create your vouchers:

1) Activate your voucher settings

First you have to activate your vouchers settings, so that your vouchers can be redeemed at your studio.

  • Go to the menu Settings > Master Data

  • In the section Payment Types for Manager sales, choose “available for everyone” for the payment option “Voucher (on site)”.

  • Do not forget to save your changes at the bottom of the page

2) Create vouchers

Now, if you want to create a voucher, click in the menu Products > Vouchers and then on the button “New voucher.
NOTE: These are value vouchers, that can be redeemed to buy subsequently a valid product.

You can upload your own photos via the button More > Pictures & conditions.
The recommended picture format is 4:3 (horizontally). The right half of the photo will be moved in the background and your logo will appear on the top-left corner.


  • Voucher name - You can enter a general name (i.e. “Voucher EUR 10”) or be more specific (i.e. “Christmas voucher”). The voucher name will appear on the invoice.

  • Voucher amount - insert the voucher value.

  • Account: Select 0% here, as the voucher itself will not be taxed.
    The VAT will be taxed on the product bought with the voucher.

  • Validity: Either your voucher is unlimited or you can enter a validity period manually.
    NOTE: Value vouchers must me legally valid for at least 3 years in Germany and 30 years in Austria. Free promotional vouchers are not affected


  • Online sale - in case the voucher can be bought online

  • The amount can be changed individually - in case your customers can freely decide what amount to enter when buying the voucher

  • Show in cash register: You must activate this setting, so that you can later sell the vouchers within your Eversports Manager.

NOTE: If you select the financial setting 'The amount can be changed individually during the selling' the customers will be able to choose an amount themselves.
If you unselect this option for all vouchers, customers will only see the standard amounts.

During the purchase this will look like the following for your customers:

3) Sell and promote your vouchers

After you created your vouchers you can start selling your vouchers.

In this article you can read how to do this.

4) Redeem vouchers onsite

Read here step by step how to redeem a voucher and settle a payment with the payment method 'Vouchers (on site)'.

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