Winter is coming and so is Christmas time. In this update we share some ideas on how to make the most out of the holiday season with vouchers. And we want to inform you about a couple of new skills of the Eversports Manager.

Ideas for selling more vouchers for Christmas

Over the last years we saw our partners making quite significant revenue from selling vouchers. Due to days like singles day, mothers day, fathers day, valentines day vouchers are sold around the whole year. But shortly before Christmas, there is a big peak. 50% of all vouchers are sold around Christmas time. The chart shows the statistic of all vouchers sold by Eversports customers. As you can see the vouchers are highly used by venues like you because their customers are very happy to use them as well. That means that you can also use this great opportunity to let your clients give something extra for their friends and loved ones.

Today we want to share some ideas how you can sell more vouchers before Christmas. 

Product updates:

Weekly utilization for classes and trainings

To get a better grasp on how utilization develops per week we added a weekly summary at the end of each calendar week for classes and trainings. So you can easily see how many appointments took place in this week, how many participants were registered and - if you have set a maximum participant number for all appointments - how good the utilization was.

UI changes in POS

We changed the buttons for creating the invoice in the POS. This way it is more clear and the partial payment option is less prominent.

Phone number and email in mobile customer management

If you use the customer management on your smartphone you can directly call a customer or send him an email. The buttons are shown in your mobile view.

"Next month" button in invoice overview

In the invoice overview you can also see the planned invoices that will be created in the future. To see them you need to change the date filter to a future date. We made this easier now by adding the option "Next month" in the fast select.

New referral system

Over the last months we got many referrals from our customers. We are very grateful for that and also want to thank you if you have already referred Eversports Manager to a friend of yours. We now improved the way how our referral system works so that you can always see the status of your current referrals. Also sharing got a lot easier. You can try it out by clicking on "Your bonus" in the menu of your Eversports Manager.

Additional help texts

When you create activities or products, up until now you could find help texts for some of the fields that you have to complete. We reviewed and extended the currently used texts with new ones to make the tool easier to understand.

Solved Bugs

Double login necessary  

We had a problem that in some cases it was necessary for the customers to login twice before they were able to book. This bug is solved now. 

Text on invoices was not shown completely 

If you had a text with more than 255 characters on your invoice the text was not shown completely. Now it is possible to write texts with up to 500 characters to give you the possibility to write all necessary information on the invoice. 

Problem with changing the number of max. participants 

There was a bug with the number of max. participants. Whenever you changed the number of the maximum participants of a multisession event like courses, it was not correctly set for some appointments. Now this bug is solved.

We also solved several bugs related to memberships and other minor issues.  

We look forward to your feedback!

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