In this article you will find the most important information and first steps to take to be prepared for your onboarding meeting and to start using your Eversports Manager. 

Make sure you use Google Chrome or Firefox for the best experience with your Eversports Manager.

1.First Steps: Fill general settings and get an overview

Get an overview over the Eversports Manager, get to know the dashboard and where to fill in the important general settings. Further we show you where to verify your online payment wallet. The wallet is necessary to transfer your online revenue to your bank account.

2. Create your first customer

Get to know the Customer Management and learn how to create a customer, add teachers and invite your customers. Invited customers receive a linkt to set themselves a password and afterwards can easily book your classes online.

3. Create your first product

Learn how easily you create different products like block cards or time cards. In this example we show you how to create a 10er block card.

4. Create your first activity

Within in your Eversports Manager you can define various different activities and customize them to your needs. Let's keep it simple in the beginning and start with creating a class.

5. Sign in customers to classes

Learn in less than 3 minutes how to sign in your customers to a class and how to sell them a product.

6. Important step: Verify your online payment wallet
You need to activate your online payment wallet to receive the revenue generated via online payment. The wallet has to be verified once. For the verification a copy of your passport or personal ID in .jpeg or .png (make sure frontside and backside are in one document). Find more information here:

Austrian Partners: Are you "registrierkassenpflichtig"?

If you location is based in Austria, you need to check whether you are regstrierkassenpflichtig. If so, ready more about the necessary steps here:

Swiss Partners: Important to know for you

If you location is based in Switzerland, there is clarification with your bank needed to start the SEPA-Lastschriftmandat. We have more explanation for you here:

Have a great start with your Eversports Manager!
If you want to learn more you can always search in this HelpCenter or reach out to us.

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