Start with Eversports Manager (part 1)

Take the first steps to set up your Eversports Manager

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In this article you will find the most important information to set up your Eversports Manager and be fully prepared for your onboarding meeting.


In order to log in, open this link in your browser:

TIP: Use Google Chrome or Firefox for the best experience with your Eversports Manager.

You find below 6 topics that give you an overview of the features of Eversports Manager. Please read the information carefully and complete each task before continuing to the next step.

1. Set up the general settings

Get an overview over the Eversports Manager, get to know the dashboard and where to fill in the important general settings.
Further, we show you where to verify your wallet to receive online payments.

Tasks to complete before moving on:

  • In the menu Settings > Profile add your sports, description and three photos

  • In the menu Setting > Master data fill in the information of your company

  • In the menu Settings > Financials check if all details are correct

TIP - In case you wish already to integrate your schedule on your website, learn here how to do this.

2. Create your activities

Within your Eversports Manager you can define various different activities and customize them to your needs.
Let's keep it simple in the beginning and start with creating a class.

TIP - You can add various sessions to the same activity on different dates and times. This will help you keep a neat overview of all your activities.
Learn here how to add or adapt multiple sessions at the same time.

Tasks to complete before moving on:

  • Create one class for the next three months with sessions on different dates

  • If you want, you can delete this class afterwards. Go to Activities > Management and click on three dots next to the class > 'Delete'

3. Create products and memberships

In the menu Products you can create the products that your customers can use to book your activities.
There are different products that you can create, such as block cards, time cards and memberships.

  • In video below we show you how to create a 10-block card.
    For more info on how to create a block card read here.
    For more info on how to create a membership read here

Tasks to complete before moving on:

  • Create one 10-block card and one time card for 1 month.

  • If you want, you can delete these products afterwards. Go to Products > Services and click on three dots next to the products > 'Delete'.

4. Create customers and teachers

In the menu Customers you can find all of your customers, employees and teachers:

  1. Here you can add new customers and invite them to create their account.
    Read here how to invite your customers.

  2. Here you can also create your employees and teachers and give them the login rights to access your Eversports Manager.
    Read here how to create teachers and employees and give them the correct login rights.

Tasks to complete before moving on:

  • Add one regular customer

  • Create one teacher profile and assign them the correct login rights.

  • Do you have already a customers list that you want us to import?
    Get in contact with [email protected]

5. Sign in your customers to classes

In order to sign in your customers to your classes, you can go to the menu Activities, select the class and click on the corresponding Sign In.
When you sign in a customer manually, make sure that they alway have a valid product. If they do not yet have a product, you sell it to them directly in the Sign In.

In the video below we show you how to register your customers for a class and how to sell them a product:

  • Learn here how the Sign In of your classes looks like

  • Learn here how to sell your customers a product in the Sign In.

Tasks to complete before moving on:

  • Sign in a customer to one of your classes.

  • Sell them a product. You can also sell with a discount.

  • Sign out the customer in the Sign in by clicking on the three dots next to the customer name > Sign out.

6. Important - verify your wallet!

You need to activate your Eversports wallet in order to receive online payments.
In case you have not done it yet, you can do this by clicking on the top right corner of your system > Activate Online Payments.
Read here how to activate your online payments.

More information for Austrian and Swiss partners:

  • Austrian Partners: Are you "registrierkassenpflichtig"?
    If you location is based in Austria, you need to check whether you are regstrierkassenpflichtig. If so, ready more about the necessary steps here.

  • Swiss Partners: If you location is based in Switzerland, there is clarification with your bank needed to start the SEPA-Lastschriftmandat. Read more info here.

Congratulations your Eversports Manager is almost ready!
Please continue setting up your system by going on to this article:

If you want to learn more you can always browse in this Help Center or reach out to us at [email protected]

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