SEPA is a (European) payment method which allows you to deduct (membership) fees from your customers bank accounts, after they have given you a single initial approval (‘mandate’) to do so. You usually require a SEPA contract with your bank, through which you can manually exchange files with payments to be executed. 

With “Automated SEPA”, your Eversports Manager can automatically deduct recurring fees from your members. This way you don’t need to have your own SEPA contract or create your payments files. Based on the membership you assign to your customers and some configuration settings, your Eversports Manager will automatically plan and execute the payments for you. It also updates the payment state of your invoices, and informs you if a payment fails.

This will save you a lot of time, prevents that you miss income, and makes a seamless payment experience for your customers.

Enabling the extension

To use Automated SEPA you can simply enable the package in the Market. This will add a few options and menus to your Eversports Manager which allows you to plan and check all your SEPA mandates and payments.

Storing and validating the mandate

As said, in order to execute a SEPA payment on a customer’s bank account you need to have permission. This permission is represented by a so called ‘mandate’ which is always linked to one specific bank account. Before you can take this step, you need to check if the customer has accepted your invitation. This is necessary for two reasons:

  1. technical requirement: so that our payment provider Stripe can charge your customers, a confirmed user account is necessary

  2. to communicate: we want to be able to send a notification to your customers that their membership will now be charged via Eversports, when the venue confirms the mandate. It is important that your customer knows about this, because they will see a debit from Eversports in their bank account and may not trust that. This can result in a lot of chargebacks causing both costs and issues for you, which can be avoided. 

If these requirements are met, you can enter the bank details on the respective customer profile page and create the mandate.
In Eversports Manager you can enter the bank details on your customer profile page, in order to create the mandate. To make sure we have permission from the customer (and the bank account is indeed correct), an email will be sent out to the customer’s email address with a link to verify the mandate online. Once the customer has verified the mandate, Eversports Manager will start executing payments for that customer. 

In case you already have validated the mandate with your customer (eg. at the reception), you can also validate the mandate yourself. Eversports Manager will then store the employee and time that did the validation for future reference.

Note that you can already plan payments before this process is completed. Eversports Manager will just pause all payments while a mandate is waiting for validation.

Create and sell memberships with automated SEPA payments

When you create a membership, you can indicate that it should be paid using automated SEPA. Every customer that you sell this membership to, will automatically be charged through SEPA. To prevent failed payments, you can set the day (of the month) you want to deduct the fees for their membership.

Following up payments

For each recurring SEPA payment, your Eversports Manager will create an invoice which you can follow through financial section. The state of the invoice is updated along with the status of the SEPA payment (planned, sent out, in process and eventually paid).

In case a SEPA payment fails, you can tell your Eversports Manager to retry the payment or have it paid in another way (e.g. via cash).

If you have a lot of recurring payments which are planned on different days of the month, your Eversports Manager also provides you with a very convenient overview that shows you when your payments are executed, and which failed and require action. 

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