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The menu Dashboard can be found in the upper left corner of the function menu on the left of your screen.

The Dashboard gives you an overview of the most relevant areas of your studio.


  • KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) referring to the last 30 days.

  • Upcoming activities.

  • To-do's: such as unpaid invoices, open visits etc.

IMPORTANT: The Dashboard is only available to studio admins.

1) KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

KPIs always refer to the period of the last 30 days and show you the following information:

  • number of bookings of the last 30 days

  • number of customers responsible for these bookings

  • number of created invoices in the last 30 days (paid and unpaid)

  • number of your revenue of the last 30 days

Next to the numbers, you see the change in percentages comparing the previous 30 days.
NOTE: The KPIs are not based on calendar months.

If you hover with the mouse on the percentages, the system explains you how to interpret the numbers.

2) Upcoming activities

Here you can find the next activities. It is also possible to jump directly from the Dashboard to the Sign-in of the respective activity.

3) To-dos

If there are open tasks, they will be displayed here.

By clicking on it, you can solve them. Examples are an unverified wallet, open invoices or bookings without a product.

4) Tips & Tricks

Make the best out of your studio with our most relevant tips & trips.

5) Referral bonus

Do you enjoy working with the Eversports Manager? For each successful referral, we're happy to reward your efforts with € 100.

6) Reviews and comments

After a class, customers can leave you a public review which will be visible on your Eversports profile. They can also give you a private review by rating the studio and/or classes with an emoji and a comment, these will only be visible in the Manager.

The most recent comments are displayed in the Dashboard:

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