While everybody is on holiday over summer, your Eversports Manager has worked hard to learn some great new skills!

Here is a video with all important updates:

Overview about all updates:

1) "Market" with "Extensions" and "Special Deals"

Your Eversports Manager is more than just software. Our mission is to be a valuable partner for you. The new "Market" is another important milestone in that direction. You find the "Market" as a menu item on the bottom left. 

The markets includes "Extensions" and "Special Deals":

a) Extensions

Extensions will make your Eversports Manager even more powerful. You can connect your Eversports Manager to useful extensions that will save you a lot of time and work.

Some examples:

  • Direct integrations with Aggregators: you can now use a direct integration with ClassPass and soon also with MyClubs and Onefit. This synchs your schedule. Bookings & cancellations go straight into your Eversports Manager. Click here for more information.
  • Smart Payroll: this calculates the payroll for each of your teachers/trainers automatically each month. Your teachers/trainers also get an automatic email with a summary of all their activities. Click here for more information.
  • Automated SEPA: with this extension you don't need to manually upload a xml file to your bank account anymore. Automated SEPA makes collecting money from your customers seamless and easy. Click here for more information.

b) Special Offers

With "Special Offers" you get special discounts with cooperation partners of Eversports:

Some examples:

2) New Customer Management

Customer Management is at the heart of your Studio Manager. It shows you everything you need to know about your most important assets: your customers.
From now on, your Studio Manager will show your customers in a new look & feel. 

If you open the customer management you will see a list of your customers. This will give you a better overview. Recent visitors will be shown on top of this list. You will also be able to filter the list by groups, roles and invitation status.

If you click on the name of a customer a slide-out will enter from the right. There will be three tabs: Summary, Details and Products. In the Summary you will see the most important information about a customer. Details can be found in the other two tabs. 

If you want to edit a customer you can click on the "edit-button" on the top right. Assigning a role or a trainer profile can be done with the three dots next to the "edit-button".

3) Contracts Online

We have merged the tabs and features from "Contracts" and "Online memberships" into one simple product. The similarities of both tabs lead to confusions with our partners. According to our surveys, users prefer the term "being a member" compared to "being a contractor". This is why the new product is called "Membership".

Selling your contracts online brings the following advantages:

  • Money is collected from the credit card of your customers automatically - no manual work needed.
  • Customers can sign a contract any time (24/7). This increases the chance of selling more.
  • If your customers can manage their contracts online, you don't have any discussions about discounts, extended trials or pauses.

From now on you can offer your contracts online and promote them directly in your website. All you need to do, is to enable the option "Sell contracts online" in your contract settings.

Once this option is activated, your customers can buy a contract in your website (widget) and soon also in the Eversports App.

Recurring payments will directly be withdrawn from the credit card of your customers. Costs are the same as for all other online transactions with credit card. The collected money goes straight to your online wallet in Eversports Manager and will be paid out on the 26th of each month.

4) Further improvements

Update for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

On 14 September 2019, new requirements for authenticating online payments will be introduced in Europe as part of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2). The new requirements are also know as "Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)". The goal of this new European regulatory requirement is to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure.
By using Eversports Manager your studio is already prepared for the new regulations. Everything has been implemented so that your customers will also be able to pay online after the 14th of September 2019.

5) Direct access to Eversports Helpcenter

On the bottom left, you find a new menu item which links you directly to the Eversports Helpcenter:

In our Helpcenter you find all informations in your preferred language:

We look forward to your feedback!
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