You can connect your Eversports Manager via an API with an Aggregator. Once the API is activated, your Eversports Manager has a few more options that you can use.

1) Activate activities for an Aggregator

You can decide which Classes or Trainings you want to activate for an Aggregator. To activate an activity for an Aggregator you need to go to the activity settings.

In the tab "Pics & Rules" in class settings, you now find the option "Aggregator bookings". Here you can change the setting to "Allow bookings from aggregators" if you want to offer all sessions from that Activity for an Aggregator. It is also possible to limit the amount of slots that you want to offer for an Aggregator.

2) Bookings from an Aggregator

If you get bookings from an Aggregator they go straight to your Sign-In in Eversports Manager. As a product you see the name of the Aggregator. If you use the Aggregator-API, there are no "open visits" if someone joins with an Aggregator. The booking is immediately marked as paid. 

3) Customers from Aggregator

In a customer profile, you now find the option "Aggregator ID". You have the option to manually add an Aggregator ID to a customer. If a booking from an Aggregator comes in, we always check, if there is already a customer in the database of Eversports Manager. If yes, we sign in this customer with that Aggregator ID. If no, we create a new customer which is signed in.

Eversports recommendation: If you have been working with an Aggregator before you start the API to Eversports Manager, you can log into the Tool of the Aggregator Website to see the Aggregator IDs of the customers that have booked at your Studio before. If you enter those Aggregators to those customers in Eversports Manager they get connected. This way you will not get duplicated customers in Eversports Manager.

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