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SEPA mandates for Swiss partners
SEPA mandates for Swiss partners

Direct debits with objection

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To be able to easily collect the invoice amount for the Eversports Studio Manager from our Swiss partners via a SEPA direct debit mandate, certain requirements must be met. To collect the regularly accruing payments, we use the LSV procedure of the Swiss banks to process direct debits with objection.

Since we cannot activate this procedure, you have to become active as a partner from Switzerland. First you have to contact your bank and fill out a LSV form and have it countersigned. As long as this form is not signed off, the monthly fees for the Eversports Studio Manager have to be paid by bank transfer after receiving the invoice.

As soon as you have the signed LSV form from your bank and your bank has confirmed that the SEPA direct debit works, please let us know. From then on it is possible to pay the invoice amount conveniently via SEPA direct debit and the manual transfer is not necessary anymore (the confirmation of the bank usually takes 1-3 business days).

Please note:

  1. There is no generally valid template for the LSV form, the forms vary from bank to bank. Therefore, please talk to your contact person at your bank to clarify the details.

  2. Migros Bank, Berner Kantonalbank AG, Alternative Bank Schweiz AG, Schwyzer Kantonalbank, UBS Switzerland AG, Neue Aargauer Bank AG, Zürcher Kantonalbank and Thurgauer Kantonalbank are currently the banks we know of that do not offer this function.

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