Eversports Ballsport Manager just learned new skills!

Here you find all informations:

1) New Dashboard

Your Eversports Ballsport Manager has a new dashboard! The dashboard shows you the most important KPIs & insights about your business. We also added a new menu item so that you can open the dashboard anytime:

The dashboard includes the following sections:

  • KPIs: As the main KPIs you see bookings, customers and revenue. We always show you the KPIs based on the last 30days.
  • Upcoming bookings: Here you can see which bookings are upcoming next. You can directly jump into your booking calendar of any activity straight from the dashboard.
  • ToDos: If you have any open tasks, you can see it here. Open tasks can be open invoices or an unverified wallet.

The dashboard is currently only shown for administrators. We will keep working on the dashboard and further expand it. Please let us know if you have feedback!

2) Optimizations of all Excel exports

All Excel exports in Eversports Manager have been improved. Now you can download all csv files in good quality. Also if exports include special characters it works fine - this is especially important for doing an export for your newsletter tool. As long as your excel program has the same language as your Ballsport Manager, all numbers should be exported in the right format too.

3) Update for "Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)"

On 14 September 2019, new requirements for authenticating online payments will be introduced in Europe as part of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2). The new requirements are also know as "Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)". The goal of this new European regulatory requirement is to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure.
By using Eversports Ballsport Manager your sport center will be up to date with those new regulations. Everything will be ready in time so that your customers will be able to pay online also after 14 September 2019.

4) Check the widget-links at your homepage

In the last weeks we got some mails from our customers, that their widgets do not work - the reason was, that they used very old widget links, which are not working anymore. Please do a short check at your homepage, if all links are working - if there is a link not working, then please contact our support-team under [email protected]!

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