In order to start selling items and services with Eversports, you must first make the cash register relevant settings. These are described below.


First you go to the tab "Finance" in the settings. There you make the following entries one after the other:

reciept settings

Here you decide which of your company data will be displayed on the receipt. Please contact your tax advisor to find out which data is mandatory in your country. In principle, all data entered by you in the company setting will be output, with the exception of those that you do not mark here. You can also enter a closing text.

Here you can add a picture (your logo) which will be located at the top of every receipt. Normally the receipt printer will print in black/white mode. So please optimise the image for this.

creation of reports

Enable the setting so that reports are created for a limited company. The base of the report is not the paid transactions but the creation of the invoice.


All revenues and expenses you record with Eversports must be assigned to an accounting account. To do this, you must enter the chart of accounts that you receive from your accountant or bookkeeper. Only create the accounts that you will actually use. Note that you cannot change the number of an account later.
To enter an accounting account you need the name of the account, the number and the tax rate. You also need to specify whether the turnover entered on this account is revenue or expense. If the account is one about which you only put money in cash or withdraw money without an invoice (you bring money to the bank for example), set the checkbox "neutral".

invoice cycle

There are number ranges for the different types of documents (invoice, cancellation invoice, online invoices, day-end closing, cash register entries). Here you can define which number you want to start with.


In the tab invoice in the settings you define the appearance of your invoices. Here is a video for you with further informations.

invoice texts

For the invoice you can define a text, which will be displayed at the start and at the end. All other things (invoice header, sender, list of items) are predefined by us.

company details in the invoice

Here you define what is displayed on the invoice of your data in the sender part. Since there are different mandatory fields from country to country, please talk to your tax advisor to find out what you need to mark here.

Here you can upload a logo for the invoice.

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