In order for you to create things like invoices correctly, you must first provide basic information. Open the manager and go to "setting" in the tab "master data".

Please enter the following information here:


If you want to the system to create the numbers of the customers automatically pls check Increase customer numbers automatically (Next free costumer number: xxx).

company address

Here you have to enter the address of the company. Please use in any case the official address as you can find it in your company registration.

location for activities

Here you can enter places where activities of your venue take place that are not the location of the company. For example, you might have a specific location for outdoor yoga.

company contact

Here you enter the contact details of your customer to reach your company.

online payment

Here you enter whether you allow online payment for your user in the widget / app or not.

payments on site

Here you decide which payment methods you make available to your customers at the venue. You decide not only whether a payment method is available, but also which type of employee is allowed to use it: only the administrator or all employees.

company details

Depending on the country you have your company in, you will have to enter different registration numbers on the invoice. Your tax consultant can tell you which number you absolutely need.

bank details

Enter your bank details here. It is used, for example, for SEPA direct debits.

tax rates

So that each sale can be clearly assigned to a revenue account, you enter the accounts for seat rental and event participation here. If you use special products to participate, the proceeds will of course be noted on the accounts valid for these products.

SEPA settings

Here you enter the data, so that you can give bills a SEPA direct debit to pay let. These are the creditor id, the general reason and the fees (with revenue account) that arise when an order is reversed.

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