Activate the ClassPass API

Connect Evertsports Manager with your ClassPass account

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You can connect your Eversports Manager with your ClassPass account via an interface to ClassPass.
This automatically synchronises your schedule with ClassPass and bookings and cancellations will be going directly into your Eversports Manager.

1) Activate the ClassPass extension

You can activate the extension ClassPass API in the menu Market (in the lower left corner).

Click on 'Learn more' to activate the extension. You will then receive an email with confirmation and information about your next steps.

2) Inform ClassPass support

ClassPass needs to know that you activated this interface.
Send a message to your ClassPass contact person and inform them about it.

ClassPass needs 2 IDs (venue UUID, company UUID) for the activation.

The IDs can be found in your Eversports Manager in the menu Settings > Version & Info.

NOTE: You will find your ClassPass contact person in your ClassPass dashboard. Go to the ‘Contact Us’ form on the bottom left hand side of the dashboard page.
If you have not worked with ClassPass before and have not been in contact with anyone from ClassPass, please use this form to get in contact. 

If you have signed a contract with ClassPass, but are not "live" yet, please use this emailaddress

Afterwards you can already set up the settings in your Eversports Manager. 

3) Activate activities for ClassPass

You can decide which classes or trainings you want to activate for ClassPass. To activate an activity for ClassPass you need to go to the activity settings.

In the tab Rules of the activity settings, you now find the option "Aggregator bookings". Here you can change the setting to "Allow bookings from aggregators" if you want to offer all sessions of that activity for ClassPass. It is also possible to limit the amount of slots that you want to offer for ClassPass customers. 

4) Bookings from ClassPass

As soon as the API is activated by ClassPass (you will receive an email) and you get bookings from ClassPass they go straight to your Sign-In in your Eversports Manager. You see the name of the Aggregator as the product. The booking is immediately marked as paid. 

5) Customers from ClassPass

In a customer profile, you now find the option "Aggregator ID".
Here you can manually add the ClassPass ID to a customer. If a booking from ClassPass comes in, we always check, if there is already a customer in the database of your Eversports Manager. If yes, we sign in this customer with that ClassPass ID. If no, we create a new customer which is signed in.

TIP: You can log into the Classpass to see the ClassPass IDs of the customers that have booked at your Studio before and enter those IDs to those customers in Eversports Manager so they get connected. This way you will not get duplicated customers in your Eversports Manager.

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