Edit or delete services

Learn how to edit or delete block tickets or time cards.

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Next to each of your services you can find three points. By clicking on it, a menu opens and the following three options appear:

  • Edit: If you want to edit a service you can do it here. The changes apply to all future product sales. Services already sold remain unaffected by the changes.

  • Delete: If the service has not been sold, you can delete it completely. The deletion is final and the service can not be restored.

  • Archive: If the service has already been sold in the past, you can not completely delete it, but archive it. The service is then not available to customers anymore. However, customers who bought the service in the past, can still use it (unless not valid anymore). To keep your product management clear, these services get into a separate archive, which you can find via the 'More' menu. You can reactivate archived services at any time.

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