Your shop will display all services and memberships you have created. In the menu 'Products' you will find a link symbol in the upper right corner (see screenshot). With a click on 'Preview' you can open the shop, with a click on 'copy link' you can copy the link to link the shop on your website. Here is how to use the shop ideally:

Step 1

Create all your block tickets and time cards as well as your memberships. It is important that you assign each service to a service group. You can do that in the respective basic information of each service.

  • Group name: This name will appear as a heading, under which all products in this group are summarized. Choose a specific name, e.g. "Beginner products" for all your entry-level products such as trial lessons.
  • Group colour: Is only relevant for your internal product overview, that you can distinguish your products also by colour.
  • Ranking in the shop: If you create several product groups, you can decide which one should be displayed first. The product group with the 1 appears at the top etc.

Here is an example of our partner Imagin Abel, how the shop appears on their website:

Step 2

Link the shop on your website. The linking works the same as the linking of your timetable. Here is an example of our partner Imagin Abel, who just added a tab 'Shop' in the menu bar of their website.

Advantages of linking the shop:

  • Your participants have a good overview which products you offer.
  • Your participants can buy a product without having to sign in for a class.
  • You make it easy for your participants to navigate your website. The faster they find something, the happier they will be with your website.
  • You can also use the link for your newsletter or social media posts.
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