To view your invoices click on your name in the top right corner and choose 'Billing'.

In the next step, select the 'Invoices' tab to see all your invoices and payout journals.

In this overview all invoices are listed (starting with the newest).

To open an invoice, click on the title of the invoice in the right column.

1. Invoice details

This information helps you to identify a certain invoice:

  • Your individual invoice number

  • Your customer number

  • The invoicing period

2. Invoice items

  • Transaction Fee (Online payment): For every single online paid transaction there is a fee, as agreed on your Eversports contract. This fee depends on the gross price of the sold product. Example: Your fee is 2.9% + €0.45, a customer buys a block card online for €100. This equals a fee of €3.35 for the transaction (€100x2.9%+€0.45=€3.35). We take care of this process in cooperation with a payment provider, so there are no further efforts for you.

  • Profitsharing (New customers from Eversports): If a new customer books via the Eversports website or the app there is a fee, as agreed on your Eversports contract. Example: The fee is 16% and the total turnover we participate from is €625 per customer. Thus, the cumulative profitsharing is a maximum of €100 per customer. The listed amount on your invoice is the sum of all customer commissions.

  • Monthly or yearly fee: This is the general fee for the SaaS tool. This fee is charged either monthly or annually, as agreed on your contract.

3. SEPA vs. bank transfer

If you have selected SEPA as your payment method on your contract, we will automatically withdraw these fees in the middle of the following month. Otherwise, you will always find our bank details on the invoice to make a bank transfer.

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