Eversports Studio Manager just got new features!

Here you find a video with the most important updates:

All new features in detail:

1) "Quick-Edit" for classes and trainings

You want to flexibly change the title, the room or the maximum number of participants for a class or training?

From now on you can do that by using the "Quick-Edit" pop-up in the activity overview. It works simple and fast. To open the pop-up you just click on an appointment or you can open it by clicking on the three dots and then on "Edit appointment":

In the "Quick-Edit" pop-up you can edit the settings for the selected appointment. Your changes don't have any influence on all other appointments of that activity.

2) Daily utilization in activity overview

You can now see the utilization for every day. This gives you a good indication of the daily activity of your studio. 

We only show the daily utilization if you have set a maximum number of participants for all activities of that day.

3) Automatic termination reminder for contracts

You can now inform your customers before their contracts gets extended. You can activate the termination reminder in the contract settings:

4) Further improvements

Edit maximum number of participants per appointment

The maximum of participants can now be set per appointment. This means is easy to change the maximum number of participants based on room or teacher. You can do that directly in the activity settings:

Easy switch between different studios

If you are working with more than one location you can now easily switch between different location. Just click on the studio name on the top left and select the studio you want to open.

Role "Trainer" doesn't see contact details

If you have employees with the role "Trainer" they are not able to download the participation list in the sign-in. They also can't see the contact details in the customer pop-up in sign-in. There is no option that they can get the contact details of your customers.

Improved waiting list display in Eversports App

We improved the way how we display the waiting list for your customer in the Eversports App. It is now more transparent and your customers also have the option to remove themselves from your waiting list.

Show the exact number of participations

In the widget settings you can now decide to show the exact number of participants to your customers. In this case your customers would see the number of current subscribers and the maximum number of participations.

Improvements in design

Working with Eversports Studio Manager should be a great experience. This is why we keep upgrading our design and UX. We hope you love our new style as much as we do!

We look forward to your feedback!
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