If an acitivity is fully booked, customers can use a waiting list.

Before you start reading please note the following:

  • You can use the waiting list both on the Eversports app and the schedule on the studio's website. However, you will only receive a notification about a free spot if you have the Eversports app on your smartphone. It also works if you download the Eversports app after putting yourself on the waiting list.

How to use it:

  • You see that the class is fully booked. Click on the button anyway.


Desktop version

  • Now you can add yourself to the waiting list and activate an automatic push notification on your smartphone.
  • You will see a confirmation about the activation on your app. Of course you can deactivate the info at any time.
  • As soon as another customer cancels the appointment you and all the other customers on the waiting list will get a push notification. 'First come, first served' applies and as soon as a customer takes the free spot all the other push notifications will be deleted to avoid any confusion or inconvenience.
  • Now you can book and pay the class as usual.
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