Learn here how the waiting list works for the venue in the activity Sign In and for the customers on their Eversports account.

1) What the venue sees

When an activity is fully booked, customers can automatically use a waiting list.
You will note people are on the waiting list in your class calendar.

You will also note a link to the Waiting List in the class Sign in.
If you click on it you can see who are the customers.
The venue cannot enter customers in the waiting list nor edit present customers.

IMPORTANT: Customers in the waiting list will be informed altogether of any free spot (via push notification, NO email), so that they can decide if they wish to complete the booking.

2) What your customers see

Your participants can use the waiting list both on the Eversports app and the schedule on your website.

IMPORTANT: Customers in the waiting list will receive a push notification about a free spot, if they have activated the notifications of the Eversports app on their smartphone. As of now, NO EMAIL will be sent out.

As soon as the customer receives a push notification, they can choose to complete the booking. They will not be automatically signed in for the class.
TIP: You can share more info with your customers on how to use the waiting list.

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