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Waiting list (for studios)
Waiting list (for studios)

How the waiting list works

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If an activity is full, customers can join a waiting list.

How can I see if a customer is on the waiting list?

If a customer is on the waiting list, you will see it:

  • in your CALENDAR: "(1)"

  • in Activities > tab CLASSES:

You can get further information about the customer(s) on the waiting list by going to the SIGN-IN:

By clicking on "1 on waiting list" you will be able to see the waiting list but you will not be able to edit it.

You will see the names of the customers on the waiting list if they are already customers of yours:

Otherwise you will see "New lead". A new lead is a client who is not yet a client in your studio but is interested in a class. As they are not yet a client of yours, for data protection reasons we can not display their name:

How does the waiting list work if there are several customers on it?

As soon as a participant cancels his/her participation, all customers on the waiting list receive a push notification via the Eversports app. It is then "first come, first served". As soon as someone has taken the free spot, the push notifications will be deleted again for all other people to avoid any confusion or false hope.

If a place becomes available, can I add a customer who is on the waiting list myself?

You can not move a customer from the waiting list to the list of participants. You can either:

  • Contact the customer to tell him that a place has become available (he will already have received a notification via the Eversports app). He can then register by selecting or purchasing a product.

  • Register him manually for the class. The customer will not receive a notification or email that you have registered him, so we recommend that you contact him to tell him.

How does the waiting list work for my customers?

Your customers can sign up to the waiting list both through the Eversports app and your widget link.

Customers on the waiting list are not automatically registered if a place becomes available, they will receive a notification.

IMPORTANT: they will only receive a notification that a spot is free through the Eversports app, if they have the Eversports app notifications active on their smartphone or tablet. NO EMAIL is sent.

As soon as the customer receives a push notification, they can complete their booking (they will not be automatically enrolled in the class, as they have to select or purchase a product to enrol, agree to your terms and conditions if they have not done so etc).

TIP: You can find more information about the waiting list on the customer side in the article below, and you can share it with your customers to help them:

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