Eversports Studio Manager just got new features!

Here you find a video with the most important updates:

All new features in detail:

1) Automatic cancellation of activities

You want to cancel a class automatically if there are not enough participants?
From now on, Eversports Studio Manager will do that for you. You can activate the automatic cancellation in the activity settings. If you go to "Pictures and rules" you find the section "cancellation rules":

Per default activities are not canceled automatically. If you activate the automatic cancellation, you can decide under which circumstances the cancellation should happen.
Every participant and teacher will be informed via email about it.

2) Automails for timecards

From now on, you can use automails also for timecards. To set it up you need to go into the settings of an activity. There you can decide when the email should be sent. 

Before activating the automail we recommend that you send a testmail to your own email address.

3) More informations in the customer pop-up

If you click on a customer name in the Sign-in, you now also find the customer number and the contact details from that customer.

You can click on the email address to directly send an email and you can click on the phone number to directly make a call. This also works with the smartphone.

4) Further improvements

Google search for adding addresses of customers

If you create a new customer in the Sign-in, you can now also use a Google search to add the address of that customer.

Revenue report depending on company type

If you have a limited company you can now get a different revenue report than a private company. For limited companies revenues get created with the invoice and not with the transaction. You can change that setting in POS/Settings. 

Single tickets and tickets in customer profile

From now on, you also find single tickets and tickets from workshops in the profile of your customers. As soon as the activity is over you find the ticket under "used products".

Improved filter in the invoice overview

We improved the filter "payment status" in the invoice overview. This should lead to a better overview.

Support for your customers

We now also have a support-team for your customers. If your customers have questions they can directly send an Email to [email protected]

Improvements in design

Working with Eversports Studio Manager should be a great experience. This is why we keep upgrading our design and UX. We hope you love our new style as much as we do!

We look forward to your feedback!
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