Analysis of sold products

Filter for individual products for more detailed sales insights.

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Click on the menu item 'Products' and then on the tab 'Analysis'.

All sold products are displayed here.

To get an exact overview, you have to use the filters on the left side. If you want to know how many blockcards for ten visits were sold or how many units remain on them, you can use the filters 'Name > Is > product name (in this case, please note the exact spelling of the blockcard you have created)'.

You can download the analysis for further editing via the button 'Export overview' in the top right corner. The document can then be used immediately.

NOTE: If you open the file in Excel or Google Sheets, you may see everything in one column.

To fix this, go to:

Google Sheets: File > Import > Upload and upload the file here. Then change the separator type from auto detect to custom and add a semicolon.

Excel: Data > Select Text in Columns. Select separately and in the next window select Semicolon.

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