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Export an overview of all your activities and edit them in Excel.

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In the menu Activities, you can export several data in CSV format.

Step 1: Choose what you want to export

1) The Calendar tab

In the menu Activities > Calendar, click on "More" (in the upper right corner) > "Export activity & booking data":

Here you can export:

  • All activities by dates

This export is interesting for establishing the salary of the employees (unless you are already using the smart payroll system), because the file includes the number of registered and present participants per class and the names of the teachers.

  • All bookings

  • All no-shows (i.e. participants registered but not present)

2) Tabs Classes /Courses / Camps / Events / Workshops / Trainings / Retreats / Education

In the menu Activities, you can make other exports in the tabs Classes, Courses etc. To do so, click on "More" (in the upper right corner) > "Export activity & booking data".

Here, in addition to the 3 previous possibilities, you can export :

  • All classes (or training sessions etc.) by date

  • All no-shows (absences) of the classes (or training sessions etc.)

Step 2: Choose the time frame

Once you have selected the type of export, you can choose the time frame for which you want to export the data:

Step 3: Open the file

You can now open the downloaded file on the program you are using (Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets etc.) and use the filters of your choice.

NOTE: If you open the file in Excel or Google Sheets, you may see everything in one column.

To fix this, go to:

  • Google Sheets: Go to File > Import > Upload and upload the file here. Then change the separator type from auto-detect to custom and select as separator the semicolon (see image below).

  • Excel: Select the first column of the Excel sheet and go to Data > Text to Columns.
    A pop-up will appear where you can select a separator. Select as separator the semicolon (see image below).

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