Analyze your classes and trainings with the 'Insights' feature

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Click on the menu 'Activities' and select the tab 'Insights'.

You can analyze the activities in four different ways:

  • 'Which times and dates are popular?': The analysis distinguishes between time, week day and appointment (day of the week + time). You can recognize e.g. how differently frequented morning and evening classes are.

  • 'Which activities are popular?': Recognize e.g. how a newly offered class gets accepted by your customers.

  • 'Which teachers are popular?': Find out which trainer has particularly good visitor numbers.

  • 'Which products are used?': Similar to the activities, it is possible to find out which products are being used.

Please note: A participant is a person marked as present. Persons who are not marked as present in the sign-in will not be included in the analysis.

An export of the analysis is not (!) possible.

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