Step 1: Click on 'Activities' in the menu on the left and select the tab "Classes" or "Trainings". Now choose the date you want to cancel. If the appointment is further in the future, use the date filter to skip forward. Click on the three points and then on "Cancel appointment".

Step 2: In the upcoming pop-up you can decide to:

  • Show cancellation in the schedule: Either you leave the canceled appointment as an info in the calendar (see screenshot) or it will be completely deleted. Either way, the appointment is no longer bookable.
  • Inform teachers & participants by e-mail: If there are participants signed in for the appointment, you can inform them directly by mail that the appointment is canceled. From participants who do not have an e-mail address or disabled notifications, you will see the phone number (if saved in the customer profile) to contact them by phone instead.

To complete the process, click on "Cancel appointment".


  • Participants are automatically logged off the appointment and will get back the booking on their product, e.g. on a blockcard
  • Invoices will not be canceled automatically. If someone with a single ticket has participated, the invoice must be canceled manually.
  • You can't undo cancellations. The appointment must be recreated in class editing.
  • Even after the appointment has been canceled, a list of participants can be downloaded via the three dots.

Keywords: Cancellation, cancel, failure, fail

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