Eversports Studio Manager just got new features!

Here you find a video with the most important updates:

All new features in detail:

1) Cancel activities easily and inform your customers via email

Do you sometimes need to cancel a class with short notice? Do you want to inform your customers about the cancellation? Until now this required multiple steps. From now on, Eversports Studio Manager makes it easy for you. Next to the class you find three dots. If you click them you find the option "Cancel appointment".

In the upcoming pop-up you can decide if you want to show the appointment as "cancelled" on your website. You also have the option to inform your customers about the cancellation via email. If a user doesn't have an email address or did opt-out for receiving emails from you, we show you the phone number of that customer. So you have the possibility to call the customer.

2) Limit bookings to certain customer groups

Do you want to enable online bookings only for a certain customer group? That can be very useful if a class requires more experience from participants. In this case you can put all your customers with experience into a certain customer group and limit the bookings to that group.
To set that up you need to go to the edit mode of a class. There you go to the tab "Pics & rules"

On this tab you can set up which customer groups are allowed to book online for this class. 

3) Other improvements

Filters in activity calendar

You can filter your activity calendar by teacher and room. With this filter it is easy to find out at which times your rooms are fully booked. Your teachers can see which activities they are assigned to.

Improvements in design

Working with Eversports Studio Manager should be a great experience. This is why we keep upgrading our design and UX. We hope you love our new style as much as we do!

Online Memberships can be canceled by admins

As an admin you now have the option to cancel an online membership too. Online Memberships can be cancelled the same way like Offline Contracts in the customer profile.

Address of activity in the booking confirmation mail

This is important if you organize activities outside of your studio. If a customer books online he sees the address of the activity also in the booking confirmation mail. This way it should be clear for your customers where the activity takes place.

Separated sales report

We separated the sales report into four different reports. You can choose what you want to see and then do the right report.

Change the name of your customer groups

You can now change the name of all your customer groups. Also for the pre-defined groups it is possible to rename them.

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