Under the menu item 'Products' you can find the index tab 'Memberships & Contracts'. By clicking 'New' you can create a new membership.

Basic information

  • Interval: You can choose between weekly or monthly. 
  • Additional information: e.g. if you have a special discount, this information will be shown beyond the headline (max. 25 signs)
  • Amount of the recurring payment: How much does your customer have to pay per interval? (e.g. €80 monthly)
  • Allowed participations: If you want to limit the participations, you can choose individual conditions, e.g. one participation per week or 4 participations per month, depending on your interval.
  • Account: When you sell a contract, the revenue will be booked automatically on the appropriate account and can be shown in your sales report. 


  • Gives you a short impression of the membership
  • Name of the membership: Will be set automatically, depending on your interval and participation settings.

Participation and conditions

  • Valid for: By clicking the green button you can choose all the activities you can book with this membership. In case that you did not yet create any activities, you can also take this step afterwards.
  • Description: Explain any special terms in this field.
  • Payment terms and cancelation: A summary of the conditions, payment terms and the cancelation requirements

Do not forget to save your contract!

If you want to terminate a membership, just follow the same steps as with the student contracts.

Did you know, that each membership has an individual link, which you can use in newsletters, on Facebook or on your homepage, to make your customers aware of it.

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