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Cancel an invoice from a SEPA run (SEPA XML)
Cancel an invoice from a SEPA run (SEPA XML)

How to cancel an invoice paid with SEPA XML

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If you want to cancel an invoice that has been paid with a SEPA run, follow these steps:

  • Go to the menu Financials > SEPA and click the menu 'More > Create return debit'.

  • Enter the booking number of the invoice that you wish to cancel and click on 'check'. You can now see the amount paid with SEPA direct debit.

  • Click on 'Continue'.

  • Now you can determine the details of the return debit (e.g. if the account was not covered, you can ask for a fee). It is important to select 'Open' as the payment method, so that the bill can afterwards be canceled. You also have to select a reason.

  • Confirm the settings by clicking on 'Create return debit'.

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