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Upload photos on your Eversports profile - your way to success!
Upload photos on your Eversports profile - your way to success!

Find out why it is important to have a complete profile with photos

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As you probably know, pictures are worth a thousand words. Your profile is your online business card for all sports and yoga lovers. Full profiles with text and photos not only give potential clients a better first impression of your studio or gym, but they are also more likely to book.

Here you see an example of a complete profile:

Be aware of the importance of good photos for a successful Eversports profile. The more photos you provide to your potential clients, the more confidence they have in your studio and the more likely they are to book with you.

Where can I upload my profile photos?

If you already have good photos, you can now upload them to your profile quickly and easily. We recommend to upload at least 7 images (1 logo + 6 extra photos) :

  • Go to Settings > Profile > Profile picture settings

  • The profile logo is the image with the 'house' icon next to the image.

  • Don't forget to click on Save changes

These pictures will be shown on your Eversports profile on the Eversports website and on the app.
On the left you see an example of a studio without profile pictures, on the right you see an example of a studio with profile pictures.

What photos should you upload?

Photos of the interior and exterior of your studio or sports facility, teachers, and special details have shown promise.

TIP: No need to hire a professional photographer. Today, smartphones can already take high-quality photos. If you don't have professional photos, these are perfectly sufficient to complete your profile.

  • Interior view. An interior view photo gives visitors a good first impression of the studio at a glance. It shows the interior, the furniture as well as the existing equipment and thus gives an idea of the atmosphere on site. In short, a client knows what to expect when they visit.

  • Exterior view. The exterior view can be particularly relevant for certain locations. For example, studios and their entrances, which are not so easy to find on a first visit. You offer your customers the possibility to find you immediately. Also, they will immediately see if you have a nice garden or something else that can contribute to a nice atmosphere.

  • Details of your facility. Additionally, you can show details that are important to you. What gives your studio that little something and is worth showing on your profile? Do you have a nice little tea corner, a nice reception area or a store? What makes your studio unique?

Pictures of your teachers

Besides the photos of your studio itself, another important part of your profile is the completeness of your teacher information. Teachers are one of the most important factors why participants remember their first visit to the studio and why they keep coming back to your studio.

Portraits of teachers:

From our conversations with users, we know that:

  • many potential customers like to see photos and information about the trainers and based on this, they decide if the studio fits them or not.

  • Customers also tend to re-book classes with trainers they already know.

It is therefore important to upload friendly and natural photos of trainers. So that visitors of your profile can get a friendly first impression of your team and can easily recognize their favorite trainers and book classes with them.

On the left you can see an example of a trainer profile in the app without a photo, on the right you can see an example of a trainer profile in the app with a photo:

TIP: Our users have told us that it is most important for them to clearly recognize the faces of the trainers. Photos of trainers "in action" or with eyes closed are therefore less helpful as portrait photos, since they are less popular with our users.

In this article, we explain how to create trainer profiles including photos in Eversports Manager.

Correct image format

You need to make sure that your pictures have the correct format. This way your photos look good and display smoothly on your Eversports profile. The correct format should be:

  • Photographed horizontally

  • Cropped to 4:3.

NOTE: 'Cropped to 4:3' means a certain ratio between the height and width of the image. If you're using your smartphone or a digital camera, this is usually 4:3, so it shouldn't be a problem for you. If you upload images in a different aspect ratio, they may appear either cropped or distorted on the profile due to system settings. If your pictures are not in the right format, you can always change it in image editing software, which you can find on every computer.

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