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Self Check-In of your customers
Self Check-In of your customers

How your customers can check-in themselves for a class via the Eversports app

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If your customers are using the Eversports app to book classes at your studio, they can additionally check-in themselves one hour before the class starts.

With this function customers can mark themselves as present in your Sign In page, without you checking them in one by one.
This way long waiting periods at the counter just before the start of the class are eliminated.

You can activate the Self Check-in for free in the menu Market.

How it works for your customers:

1) They book your class online with a valid product. 

2) In the Eversports app they can check-in from an hour before the class begins - even offline! 

3) They will receive a coloured ticket which they can show at the counter. The same colour will be shown for you in the Manager Sign In 

IMPORTANT for you: A colored circle moves in the middle, so no screenshots are possible (see below).

NOTE: Self Check-In is not available for customers who have any open payments, and they need to check-in at the counter.

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