In order to be able to generate a higher load, we recommend inviting customers again without online access. It is possible that the first e-mail with your customers may have gone down or otherwise failed to arrive.

If you are notified again via the invitation email, you do not need to have any legal concerns. The email is basically to be regarded as an advertising message. Your customers do not have to actively agree to this message because you have a legitimate interest in informing your customers about the online reservation. Nevertheless, after receiving the email, your customers have the option to unsubscribe from this type of notifications and would no longer receive them in the future. For this reason, you can invite them several times.

To do this, click on "more" in your customer file and then on "Invite customers collectively".

You can now select a group to which you want to send the invitation. Now filter for "invited" or "added" customers. So you can see which customers do not yet have an online profile with you and, in the worst case, do not know anything about the uncomplicated booking! Invited customers are all those you have invited before, but who have not yet accepted the invitation. Added customers were created in your customer file, but have not yet been invited. We recommend that you first contact the customers of the "invited" group, then those of the "added" group. So you avoid double invitations.
So that the renewed invitation is also successful, we recommend a brief information about the newsletter.

A suggestion for the invitation:

“As you might have heard already we use the online booking system “Eversports”. 

Thus, you are able to comfortably book a place directly from your home and at any time. Simply click on the link below to book online on our homepage or through the Eversports app. 

We are really looking forward to your visit!”

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