In addition to work with a modern software to save time in the daily work, Eversports assists to increase the capacity and turnover due to mediation of new customers.

A new customer is a sportsperson that becomes aware of a sport facility/studio thanks to Eversport and that books via the app or the Eversports online marketplace for the first time. A corresponding profit-share will be charged for this.

How does Eversport identify whether it is a new customer indeed?

  • No profit-share will be charged if the new customer books via the website of the sport facility/studio (widget).
  • At every single booking of a supposed new customers via the app or the Eversports online marketplace the used email address will be checked whether it already exists in the customer database of the partner (in this case, the customer is considered as an existing customer and no profit-share will be charged).
  • If the used email address of a supposed new customer does not exist in the customer database he/she will be questioned whether he/she visited the sport facility/studio within the previous 12 months. In this case, no profit-share will be charged too.

How can I, as an Eversports partner, proceed further if one of my already existing customers will be considered erroneously as a new customer despite the all above mentioned measures?

  • Despite the above mentioned precautionary measures it is still possible that existing customers of Eversports will be identified as new customers by registering/booking with a new email address via the app and by answering the “New customer questions” with “no”. In such a case you can send an email to [email protected] with a proof that it is an existing customer instead of a new customer (e.g. screenshot of the customer database (see bellow)/an old invoice where the concerning name of the existing customer is stated). In case of a positive verification the wrong profit-share will be credited with the following monthly statement.

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