You can create activities with multiple sessions (e.g., workshops, events, and courses), where customers can participate with tickets.

Tickets are valid only for the particular activity and can be valid for all sessions of the activity, or just a few.

You must first create a multi-session activity and select the single and combo tickets option in the 'Conditions' tab. These tickets are only valid for this activity and will not be shown in your product overview. Moreover, tickets allow you to offer a discount (e.g. early birds or last minute prices).

Ticket Categories & Time Periods

If you would like to offer an early bird and/or last minute discount, tick the box and set the date, until when the early bird discount or from when the last minute discount should apply. If you do not want to offer discounts, you simply skip this step.

Prices and Tickets

  • All inclusive ticket: With this ticket, the participant signs up for all appointments. Click on the pencil icon to edit and set the full price for this ticket. If activated, also specify the early bird & last minute price.

  • Single ticket (create ticket per session): If you want to enable participants to sign up for single appointments, then click on the green button 'Create a new ticket'. In the pop-up, you set how much a single date costs and for which individual dates you would like to offer a single ticket.

  • Combination tickets (create combination ticket for multiple sessions): You can also create a combination ticket that allows a participant to sign up for a selected number of appointments. This can e.g. make sense if a participant only wants to register for appointments on a specific day of the week. Again, you set the prices and select the dates that should be included in this ticket.


Finally, you specify the account to which the tickets should be assigned.

If you want to, you can save the created activity as a template to use it for other activities in the future. Otherwise, click on 'Save and return to overview' and you are finished creating the activity.

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