Ticket system for workshops, courses, and events

Explanation of the ticket system

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For workshops, courses or events, participants have the option to pay without products, but with the specially configured ticket system.

It is important to note that participants who cancel the activity will be refunded the amount of money instead of the product.

For this purpose, when creating a new multisession event, you must select single and combined tickets in the "Rules" and participation settings.

After editing the "Basic info", "Rules" and "Dates" you will get to the "Tickets". Here you have the possibility to create different tickets:

  • ticket for all appointments

  • combination tickets

  • tickets for single sessions.

First you select a bookkeeping account through which you want to book your activity.

The tickets can be combined with Early Bird and Last Minute offers, if you wish you can activate them and define until when the Early Bird price should be valid and from which date the Last Minute price should be available.

1) ticket for all appointments

The total ticket is valid for all dates and is created automatically. You only have to set the normal price by clicking on "edit".

2) combination tickets

To create a combination ticket, e.g. for a 4-day workshop for the first two and last two days, select "Create new ticket" and then "Create combination ticket for multiple dates". You enter a ticket name and specify the days for which the combination ticket should be valid, e.g. Thursday and Friday.

3) single tickets

To create tickets for individual days/units, select "Create ticket per appointment". Now you can set the same single price or individual prices for each day/unit. The prices and the ticket name can be edited afterwards.

Finally, click "Save and return to overview" to save the activity. You can add more tickets or edit existing tickets at any time.

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