As you certainly know you are legally obligated to delete the data of your customer at their request. If a customer has such a request it is important that you will save his/her visits and invoices before deleting the personal data.

The visits of the customers should be still recorded in the system in order that your visitor statistics and revenues remain correctly. Remember there is a fiscal retention obligation for invoices (Germany: 10 years, Austria: 7 years).

Therefore, we create an anonymous customer to whom the visits and invoices will be transferred to. 

We suggest to fill out the customer profile as follows:

First name: Customer

Surname: Deleted

You do not have to fill out the remaining fields. Remember to assign anonymous customers to the group “External”!

Now we will continue with deleting the profile. First, remove all personal data except the first name from the input mask manually. Anonymise the surname, for instance, from “Hiller” to “H”. In the customer overview, click at the top-right corner "More" and then "Merge Customers" to transfer the data to the new created profile.

Now choose the old and new customer and click on “Merge customer data”. For instance, you can enter GDPR as a comment.

As it is prescribed by law the saved invoices still carry, in our case, Hannes H’s address. However, now all visits are anonymous and remain accessible in the statistics.

To complete the process you need to remove the old profile (Hannes H.). For this, open his customer profile, then click on the three black dots  on top right and choose “Delete customer”. Remember to confirm your choice.

You can then send the message that the data is deleted.

Remember that you only have 30 days to remove the customer.

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