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Set up your terms and conditions and privacy policies

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Go to the menu Settings > Permissions & Privacy.
Here you can upload your General Terms & Conditions and your privacy policies.

1) Upload your Terms & Conditions | privacy policies

On the left side, you can update your General Terms & Conditions.

By clicking on “update general terms” a new pop-up will be opened. Here you can simply upload your website link to your terms and conditions. By clicking “update general terms” you save your changes. 

On the right side you find the option to update your privacy policies. You can click on “update general terms” and go on the same as with your general terms.

Your customers will have to accept whenever they make the first booking.

2) Update your terms & conditions | privacy policies

In case that you just want to update the link, but the version of your general terms or privacy policies stays the same, you choose “update the link to existing general terms / privacy policies”. Your customers do not need to accept them again.

In case that there are any changes in your general terms or privacy policy, you can easily update the link by clicking “update general terms”. In the next step, you choose “Demand users to accept a new version of general terms” and fill in the “version” and the link. By clicking on the update button, your customers have to accept them with their next booking. 

3) Check customer approval

If you would like to check if your customer has already accepted your General Terms and your privacy policies, you can have a look at the “Sign in” of the respective activity. If there is a blue symbol next to the name, your customer still has to accept them. By clicking on this symbol you can easily see which approval is missing and you can request it on site. 

NOTE: If customers book online, before booking they must accept your General Terms and privacy policy.

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