In this article we show you how to sell your vouchers onsite and online and where to find an overview of all sold vouchers.

1) Sell vouchers in the studio

If you want to sell a voucher to a client, you can do this either in the menu item Financials > Selling or directly in the customer profile.
You can enter your own code or you generate a new code by clicking on 'Generate code'. The voucher code appears on the invoice PDF, in the invoice email and can be later print out.

NOTE: A voucher doesn't have to be sold on a name, so you can easily select a walk-in client.

IMPORTANT: Check your General Settings > Master Data to allow voucher sales within your Eversports Manager

2) Sell vouchers online

So that your customers know that there is the possibility to buy a voucher in your studio, you can use your newsletter, social media or you can integrate the Vouchers tab on your homepage.
To do this, click on the share icon and then on 'Share'.  
IMPORTANT - Vouchers can be sold online only via this link. They are not available via the Eversports website or the mobile apps.

If you share your Voucher tab on your website, your customer can choose between your voucher motives, and buy your vouchers.
If you have enabled this option, they can enter the desired amount or select one of the given amounts.
Customers can also entering a personal message for the recipient. 

When the customer clicks on 'Continue to voucher purchase', they will be asked to register/login and they can then complete the payment and download the voucher directly.
The voucher code which can be redeemed online or also onsite.

3) Overview of sold vouchers

As soon as you have sold a voucher, it will be displayed under the menu item Financials > Voucher journal.

All important information is clearly displayed here, i.e. voucher code, voucher buyer, status, open amount etc.

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