You are in the menu 'Products' under the tab 'Vouchers'. To get your customers to the page where they can buy and pay for your vouchers online, copy the link and paste it into your homepage (Facebook, etc.). To do this, click on the share icon and then on 'copy link'.  

Your customer, who clicks on the link, can now choose between your voucher motives on your voucher page. If you have enabled this option, he will then enter the desired amount or select one of the amounts already set. He now has the option of entering a personal message for the recipient. 

If the customer clicks on 'Continue to voucher purchase', he will be asked to register. He then sees an overview of the order and can choose a payment method. Then he completes the purchase with a click on 'Pay now'. If the customer has successfully completed the payment, he can download his voucher directly. It includes a voucher code, which can be redeemed online or also on site for a product purchase.

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