How to verify your online wallet

Activate your wallet to enable online payments and payouts

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What is my Eversports wallet?

Your Eversports wallet is where you enable your online payments and payouts.

In order to set your offers online and reach your customers, you need to first activate your Eversports wallet.

You need to verify your wallet only once.
Eversports works with Stripe as online payment provider.

How to activate the wallet?

In order to activate your wallet, follow the steps below.

There are three ways to verify your wallet in Eversports Manager.

  1. Click on your profile icon in the top right corner. If your wallet is not yet verified, you see a red exclamation mark with the message "Activate online payment" highlighted in red.

  2. Otherwise click on your profile icon in the top right corner on the menu Billing > Online payments and Payouts.

  3. Otherwise via the menu Dashboard > To Do's > Your wallet is not verified.

  • All of these ways will take you to your online payments dashboard.
    Click then on 'Create an online payment wallet' and enter all information requested.

  • After filling in all information, you will see the wallet created.

    • In the section Status you see the status of your wallet and if incoming online payments and payouts are enabled.

  • In order to enable online payouts to your bank account, enter your bank account.

  • Then confirm your wallet by clicking on 'Verify the wallet'.
    You will be redirected to our payment provider Stripe and guided through the process step by step. Enter all relevant information, among others if your are an individual or a company and provide your legal name, e-mail address and date of birth.

  • After completing the verification, you will be redirected again to the online payment dashboard.

    Now you can see that your data has been added to 'Person'.

  • Please click on 'Verify the wallet' again for the ID verification.
    Enter the type of ID (passport, identity card or driving license) and the issuing country. You can choose to take a photo or upload a file. Start with the front of the ID document, in the next step select the back.

    If you choose to upload a photo, the document must have the following properties:

    • JPEG or PNG format

    • coloured

    • Size < 2 Mb

    • readable!

    • no fingers on image that cover the document

  • After the verification you will be redirected back to the Manager. It may take a while for the document to be checked. Once the review is complete, your status will be 'verified' in your online payment dashboard.

    Payments and payouts are now active.

Check your account balance on your wallet

After activating the Eversports wallet, you can receive online payments from your customers.

Here you can also see your account balance and when the next payout will take place.

You can set up your payout according to:

  • monthly frequency - the online paid invoices will be transferred to your bank account once a month.
    The standard payout comprehends a period of time from the 25th of the current month to the 24th of the next month.

  • weekly frequency - the online paid invoices will be transferred to your bank account once a week.
    TIP - We suggest to set the weekly payout on Mondays to avoid any delays.

The payouts have a processing time of 2 to a max. 10 working days depending on the payment provider Stripe and the banks.

Each month together with the payouts you will receive per email an overview report of the transferred amounts.

You can download this overview report any time, by clicking on the three dots next to the respective payout.

IMPORTANT - this overview report is NOT an official document and you should not use it for bookkeeping purposes.

All official financial reports can be found in the menu Finance > Reports.

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