How to cancel a booking

sign out from an activity that you will not attend

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If you already booked a class but can not participate, you have the possibility to cancel the booking.
In that case, you have to note the cancellation deadline. The cancellation conditions are normally 24 hours and are always shown in the booking process.

 If you want to cancel your participation, please login in your Eversports account, click on your name on top right and choose 'My bookings'.

In the section Upcoming bookings you choose from which class you want to cancel and confirm your cancellation. 

Afterwards you can not see this class anymore in your overview.

NOTE - In case that the cancellation deadline is already reached, an error will show up. You can contact your studio directly and ask, if a cancellation would be possible. 
Only via the App it is possible to cancel classes after the cancellation deadline.
This is called a late cancellation and allows you to free your spot from the class. The credit will not be returned.

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