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If you want to book an activity at your studio, you can look up your studio on the Eversports website ( and open your studios schedule and choose the class you want to book by clicking on it. 
Otherwise, you can go to the studio website and book via their schedule page.

If you are not logged in with your Eversports account, you can log in with your email address and password.
In case you do not have an Eversports account, you can make one right away.
Read everything about registering on Eversports here.

Now you can click on the studio the activity you would like to book (i.e. a class, a training, a workshop etc.)

In order to book an activity, you have to have a valid product for that activity.
In case you already have active products, these will be shown first.
If you have no valid products for the selected class, you can buy now a valid product. You also can redeem a voucher and view the cancelation conditions.

In order to finalize the booking, you can click on the green button 'Next'.

If you are buying a new product, you can now select a payment method (i.e. creditcard, Paypal etc.). 

Afterwards you will receive a booking confirmation per email.
If you bought a new product, you will also receive the invoice per email.

All booked activities can be found in your Eversports account in the section 'My Bookings > Upcoming Bookings'.
To do so, click on your name on top right corner of the screen.

NOTE - If you booked an online class, you will find the link to the online stream in the section My Bookings.

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