If you want to book an activity at your studio, please open your studios schedule and choose the class you want to book by clicking on 'Join Now'. 

Now you have to log in with your access data. In case you have not yet registered, you can read everything about it here

If you have not yet bought a new product, you can now select one. You also can redeem a voucher and see the cancelation conditions. Please proceed by clicking 'Choose payment type'

You can choose between different payment types.

  • credit card
  • paypal
  • direct bank transfer (executed via Klarna)
  • payment on site (cash or debit card)


Afterwards you will receive a booking confirmation.

You can also have a look at your own data, bookings and products. 

When you are logged in with your access data, your name is shown on top right. By clicking on your name, you can select different possibilities. 

  • my details: you can edit your personal information everytime
  • my bookings: your customer finds every information about future bookings or products. 
  • sign out
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