In case that you are currently setting up the Evesports Manager and want to take over already existing memberships, you can easily assign them to the corresponding customer. 

You are in the menu item "Customer" and choose a customer, who has already concluded a membership.

In this example, Silvia has already concluded a membership with you. To add this membership to the Eversports Manager, you choose in her customer profile the index tab “Products” and click on "sell membership".

You can now adjust the membership information:

  • Choose membership: you can select one of your already created memberships, f. ex. 3 month, 6 month, 12 month.
  • Start date: Set the start date of the membership. This date can also lie in the past, f. ex. in case that the membership has always extended automatically. 
  • Payment method: you can choose between open, bank transfer and if you are using our SEPA Tool, also SEPA. 

In the index tab “Edit”, you can change lots of additional options, like the runtime. If you are finished, please click on "continue".

In the next step, it is very important that you make sure, that the check mark for the past invoices is cleared!!

Otherwise, all past invoices that have already been paid will be recreated and displayed as open. 

If you click on "assign membership" now, only future invoices will be created. Your customer can now use the membership to participate in your classes. 

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